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Potential Benefits

The potential benefits of a fully developed system of self-directed learning centres is extensive. The following is only a partial list.

“It is no longer functional to define education as a process of transmitting what is known; it must now be defined as a lifelong process of continuing inquiry. And so the most important learning of all, for both children and adults, is learning how to learn, the skills of self-directed inquiry.”     – Malcolm Knowles

Benefits to Students
• Easy opt-in and opt-out
• No change of schools required in order to try a different approach to learning
• Chance to explore learning styles
• Chance to work on 21st Century learn skills involving initiative and assuming responsibility for self
• Chance to gain experience in how to create a good day for oneself
• Chance to pursue other interests
• Flexibility to spend as long as desired on a particular subject
• Chance to develop communication skills through peer helping
• Chance to interact in different ways with the bigger world
• Chance to use resources not usually available
• Chance to develop meaningful new relationships that celebrate the diversity of people
• Students gain in imagination by experiencing another way of doing things
• Non-coercive, teachers support learning rather than direct it which reduces tension

Long Range Benefits to Teachers
• More, not fewer teachers
• Better relations with students and colleagues
• No discipline required
• Greatly reduced need for marking
• Flexible work day and work year
• Great opportunities to learn
• Job variety
• Greater job satisfaction

Benefits for Business
• Self-starters
• Responsible individuals
• Resourceful self-teachers
• Good problem solvers
• Team players
• People who are comfortable with authority figures
• Far greater opportunities for businesses to interact with students

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